Coaching for Local Businesses

Stumped by a problem? Has your business hit a plateau? Want want to get some coaching or feedback? Contact Paul with one click or phone (800) 726-8847. 

  • Advice about what can or should be done about a problem or situation
  • Assistance in the form of hands-on help and support
  • Referrals to direct you to sources of help
  • Resources with the information you need to help yourself

Personal Counseling & Consulting

To help you find answers to these questions, we offer personal counseling, courses, and workshops, click here or phone 800/726-8847 . Be sure to mention the website for a reduced rate.  To get you started, here are some initial questions,  giving your answers a one to ten score:

1. Do you look forward to going to work when you get up in the morning?

2. Do you earn enough to have a standard of living that enables you to:

  • Have a home of your own in a place that’s safe to raise kids?
  • Have health insurance that will pay the bills if you get sick?
  • Take a vacation once a year?
  • Look forward to retirement?

3. Will your job or business still be in demand in five years?

If you score any of your answers below seven, click here to take this survey!

Then consider:

What constitutes a sustaining livelihood?

  • Who will I be in ten years?
  • Where will I fit?
  • How will I support myself?

Training and Courses

Webinars and Workshops

  • Finding a Sustainable Livelihood and Lifestyle will be offered as a Learning Annex Course this fall in Los Angeles.

Training for Communities

Paul and Sarah Edwards will work with you or your organization to build an Elm Street Economy – bringing good news, practical information and hands-on solutions in workshops, speeches and presentations either in person or via teleseminars or webinars.

It all begins with someone who is willing to take the initiative – you, community groups, agencies, organizations, professional/trade associations or local educational institutions.

Programs can be tailored to your local needs and interests. Here is a sample of some of the training programs we’ve conducted in communities like Claremont, Calif., Phoenix, Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, Santa Barbara, Calif., and nationwide via the web.

Topics include:

  • Finding a Sustainable Livelihood in Your Community  (tailored to your community’s assets and needs)
  • Overcoming Institutional Barriers to Sustainability: Four Steps to Restoring Local Community Resilience
  • Turning Your Business or Practice into a Middle Class Lifeboat

Despite economic ups and downs options and possibilities still beckon. But oh, how they can be disguised by the painful costs of the environmental and economic changes that are challenging many Americans!

In short, we have to adapt, modify and restructure our lives and our livelihoods. There are emerging niches and established trades, businesses or professions needed to be filled. In fact, these times demand all our expertise and experience to rebuild and maintain personal and community resilience.

Our goal is to provide a road map of practical steps for navigating today’s changing economy by turning one’s career, business, private practice or profession into a lifeboat.

Our experience includes speaking at conferences, conventions, trade shows, expos, and in-house programs for over 20 years and being named  “Consummate Speakers of the Year in 1996″ by Sharing Ideas, the International Newsmagazine for Speakers, Meeting Planners and Agents,.

Have questions or if you are interested, contact me today.




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